Now there’s an intelligent lighting solution that’s simple and cost-effective to install

It’s no secret that intelligent lighting systems can cut energy use and save money, but until now they have often been complex and time-consuming to install. Organic Response® however, is different.

Instead of a system under centralised control, Organic Response® systems consist of individual luminaires that:

As people move through the space, the luminaires receive information from their neighbours, light up accordingly, and pass on information in turn. No additional control hardware, wiring or commissioning are needed. Just Organic Response® enabled luminaires that communicate when occupancy is detected, thereby controlling light across the entire workspace.

Agile, flexible and engaging workspace lighting

Inspired by nature

We’ve all seen how a school of fish makes its way through the water – gracefully negotiating the ocean without any central control. Just as those individual fish make small decisions in response to their neighbours, so does Organic Response® enabled luminaires, delivering moment-by-moment lighting control that responds to occupant activity and ambient light levels.

Saving you money

Organic Response® costs no more than DALI integrated control systems, but installation time is reduced by a third, saving both time and money. Pre-set configurations help to maximise energy savings and optimise lighting conditions, while full functionality can be accessed via a simple smartphone app.

Tiers of simplicity

Although the principle of individual luminaires that communicate wirelessly is at the heart of every Organic Response® system, the solution can be tailored to every environment for total control. From the basic Plug & Play option through to Optimisation and Configuration solutions, the system can deliver a range of more sophisticated behaviours, all accessed via the intuitive smartphone app.

The choice is yours

We offer a range of Organic Response® enabled luminaires with a choice of recessed, suspended and surface mounted options available. Each luminaire features an integrated Organic Response® sensor node. There are also remote sensor nodes available for use with luminaires that aren’t in our Organic Response® range.

See Organic Response® for yourself

Organic Response® solutions is the intelligent response to workplace lighting. Now it’s time to see our Organic Response® enabled products in action and find out how they could cut costs, save energy and deliver the optimised workplace lighting that your team deserves.

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